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Long. After studying Visual Design in Colombia, I completed my masters in Interaction Design at IUAV in Venice, Italy. Over the last seven years I have impacted exhibitions with creative data visualizations, presented migration data through editorial design, and envisioned innovative products and services for companies worldwide. Following the successful reception of my work in Turin, Venice and Madrid, I have been enjoying life in Berlin as a Product Designer for SoundCloud.

Migropolis/Atlas of a Global Situation.
W. Scheppe, IUAV Class on Politics of Representation. Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern 2009.

“Humanflows” in Data Flow, Visualizing Information in Graphic Design.
R. Klanten, N. Bourquin, T. Tissot, S. Ehmann. Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin 2008.

Short. Please complete the following sentence:

I am


  1. a visual designer interested in data visualization and politics of representation.
  2. an interaction designer producing meaningful experiences.
  3. a front-end developer with a passion for big and small screens.
  4. a freelancer designer between Colombia and Europe.
  5. a book lover.

Thank you.

[++]. Complete portfolio upon request.

miguel [at] 2ngry.com